Notice of Upcoming Street Renewals in Elmwood – East Kildonan Ward

Ravenhill Rd from Tu-pelo to Antrim:      Reconstruction

Reay Cr. from London St to Antrim Rd:     Reconstruction

Chelsea Ave. fr Watt St. to #448 Chelsea: Reconstruction

Chelsea Ave. fr #412 Chelsea to Roch St:   Reconstruction

Neil Ave. from Watt St. to Roch St.:           Reconstruction


Lowery Bay off of Pike Crescent: (TBO)

Pike Crescent off of Keenleyside: (TBO)


Street reconstruction involves digging out all previous construction materials, down to the native soil, and then rebuilding the street, complete with new steel rebar.


TBO is thin bituminous overlay, which is about 2 inches (5 cm) thick.